Automated Time & Billing Software For Your Smartphone

Work Now. Bill Later.

Time Miner is an app designed for professionals who use their smartphones for work and bill for their time by the hour.

Time Miner finds your previous billable calls and text messages and generates a report detailing each communication in terms of:

  • Client
  • Date
  • Duration
  • Dollar Value (based on your hourly rate)

The report is suitable for sending to individual clients for payment, or to your assistant for entry into your primary time & billing software.

Best of all, Time Miner is an automated process. Open the app, and Time Miner does the rest.

Sample Report

Time Miner App Coming Soon
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BETA Testing!

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Why Time Miner


Benefits of Time Miner



All information and data collected by Time Miner is stored
locally and is accessible only on your device.


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