Time Miner Plus
Android and iOS

Time Miner Plus finds past billable RingCentral calls, RingCentral text messages and emails in your smartphone and automatically creates time entries for your activity, eliminating the need for contemporaneous billing.

Key Features:

  • Time Miner Plus for Android and iOS mines your smartphone for RingCentral calls, RingCentral texts and Outlook emails automatically. Note: iOS users must have RingCentral to take advantage of Time Miner’s call and text mining features.
  • For professionals who do business on their smartphones, Time Miner is a must have, enabling users to capture time that is typically lost.
  • Most users are surprised to learn how much time they spend working on their smartphones. The average user finds $1,100 per month in time.

Time Miner Plus Android

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Time Miner Plus IOS

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Time Miner for Android

Time Miner for Android mines your smartphone’s native call and text log and automatically creates billable time entries for your activity.

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Why Time Miner


Benefits of Time Miner





All information and data collected by Time Miner is stored
locally and is accessible only on your device.
Time Miner uses bank-grade encryption & security to keep your data safe and accessible only by you.




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